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13 May 2017

Download 6000 IMP Questions Bank :-Most Imp Question Bank Created By Anamika Academy.

Download 6000 IMP Questions Bank :-Most Imp Question Bank Created By Anamika Academy.

Interesting facts about Earth’s Hydrosphere
The Hydrosphere is a combination of mass of water and the Earth's hydrosphere is made of oceans, lakes and rivers, glaciers, ice caps and icebergs. The composition of the hydrosphere in terms of percentage of water are Oceans (97.6), Saline lakes and inland seas (0.008), Ice caps and glaciers (1.9), Ground water (0.5), Soil moisture (0.01), Lakes (0.009) Fresh water rivers (0.0001), Atmosphere (0.0009). Here, we are giving interesting facts about Earth’s Hydrosphere for enhancing the knowledge of aspirant who are preparing for different competitive exams.

Summary on India's Cement Industry, Cement Producing States and Plants
Interesting Facts on Coral Reefs and Atolls
List of Major Active Volcanoes of the World
Summary on Indian Economic Geography: Resources and Energy
Thalassemia Disease: Causes, Symptoms and Preventions
Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder. People suffering from this disease not able to make enough haemoglobin and also suffers from anaemia. On every 8th May World Thalassemia Day is celebrated to increase the awareness about the disease throughout the world. This article deals with the symptoms, prevention measures, why Thalassemia Day is celebrated etc.

10 interesting facts about Human Brain
Do you know which Human Body Organs can be donated
5 Facts that you don’t know about the Infinity Symbol
Why bursting of Balloon makes sound when pricked with a needle?
The Polity
How much does one minute of a Parliament session cost?
Members of Parliament are representative of public to put their problems in front of the leaders of the country.  But recent disruption during winter session of the parliament caused the loss of Rs. 144 crore or Rs. 2.5 lakhs/minute to the exchequer. So this wastage of public money raised a serious question on the functioning of the parliament.

List of Current Governors of Indian state and Union Territories
Powers and duties of Indian Prime Minister
Important facts about Police FIR
List of 80 Important Articles of the Constitution at a Glance

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The symbolic gestures (Mudras) through iconography of Buddha image to evoke particular ideas during Buddhist meditation or rituals. In Indian sculptural art, images are the symbolic representations of divinity whose origin and end is expressed through the religious and spiritual beliefs.

Summary on the History of Modern Education during British India
Summary on Ilbary Dynasty of Delhi Sultanate
Society and Economy under Vijaynagara Empire
Cultural History Vijaynagar Empire: Architecture, Literature & Art

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