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21 February 2018

Gujarat Budget Highlights 2018-19:- Download Full PDF in Gujarati.

Gujarat Budget Highlights 2018-19:- Download Full PDF in Gujarati.
Gandhinagar: Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly, Nitin Patel is presenting the budget. Nitin Patel is currently reading the budget. This is the first budget of the Rupani government. While Nitin Patel was presenting the budget, during which Nitin Patel spoke on the water issue, the opposition shouted slogans and suspended the chairman, Harshad Ribbiya. Many Congress MLAs have cracked down.
- Rs 1081 crore for midday meal scheme
- 673 crores for new rooms in private schools
- 69 crore for residential arrangements for girls
- 68 crore to provide food grains under the Food Triveni scheme
37 crores for science center in standard 6 to 8 th 1250 schools
- 150 crore to give tablets to the new Namo Tablet 1000 crore token rate
34 crore for nationwide live stock mission
- Provision of Rs. 395 crores under National Agriculture Development Scheme Provision of Rs. 28.50 crores for providing chemical and fertilizer to farmers for problem and adequate quantity.
- Provision of 1765 crores for the work of the twelve package for the second stage of the project
Provision of Rs 857 crores for tribal people living in tribal and tribal areas
- A provision of Rs 10 crore for the increase of electric vehicles in place of vehicles powered by petrol and diesel for the purpose of reducing pollution.
- Provision of Rs 32 crore for providing 51,150 connections under the scheme to fulfill the power consumption of the poor for the poor.
Gujarat Budget Highlights 2018-19:- Download Full PDF in Gujarati.
- Rs. 377 crores for the scheme of milk Sanjeev
- 257 crores for the renovation of Government Univ
- Benefits of 907.14 million students for the Chief Minister's Yuva Swabhamban Yojana
- 40 crore for ITI innovation and equipment
- Around 80 crore new 51 centers will be set up for Shramik Annapurna Yojna
- 22 million for the new Dhanvantri's health rath
- 785 crores for employment and business opportunities for youth
- In the Chief Minister Apprentice scheme, Rs. 3000 for the graduate youth and Rs. 272 ​​crores for diploma in 2000 and others for Rs. 1500 incentive.
- Estimation of Rs. 3 lakh per farm for establishment of cattle farm. Provision of 140 crores
- Rs 197 crore for Vajpayee bankable scheme
- Over 30 thousand new recruitments will be made in various departments of government
- 60 crores for Chief Minister Gramodaya Yojana
- Agriculture Farmer Welfare Co-Operative Department Total Provision Rs. 6755 Crore
- Rs 1101 crore including crop insurance to meet the risks of agricultural sector
- 500 crore for farmers credit to Zirochka interest
- 295 crores for agricultural tourism and 395 crores for agricultural development
- 702 crores for expansion of agricultural education research
548 crores for land conservation and soil improvement
200 crore for fencing fencing
- Fisheries exports are more than 3500 crores, while for the development of mortar port 280 crores, for taxation 102 crores
- 70 crore for core banking in cooperation, 25 crore for Kisan Kalp tree scheme
- 23 Crore for two new Veterinary Colleges for Animal Dairy Dairy Development 26 Crore for all compassionate Ambulance
The finance minister, who presented the estimation letter at the assembly, Mr.
- Minister of Finance, representing the State Government's Annual Report of 2018-1919, 1,83,666 Crore
- Increase in tax revenue by 20.92%
- An increase of 13% in the state's manufacturing capacity
- Interest subsidy up to 6% for small and medium craftsmen
- Interest subsidy up to 8% to make the economy more economical
- 60 crores for equipment assistance to 84 thousand craftsmen
- Kitchens of Gujarat will be provided free of cost to all the workers of Gujarat
- Small workers pay 80 crores for meals at Rs 10
- Provision of Rs. 27 thousand 300 crore for education sector - Provision of 500 crores for farmers
- Provision of Rs 36 crore for the assistance of rural milk producer co-operatives and the purchase of various equipment
34 crore for nationwide live stock mission
- Provision of Rs. 25 crores for Chief Minister's free animal treatment scheme
- Provision of Rs. 395 crores under National Agriculture Development Scheme
- Provision of Rs. 28.50 crores for providing chemical and fertilizers to the farmers in problem and adequate quantity.
- To provide motivation and self-employment opportunities to adopt the youth class in the pastoral profession, a grant of Rs. 3 lakhs per farm will be provided for the replacement of 12 milk cattle farms.
- In the coming year, approximately 30,000 new recruitments will be made in different parts of the government.
- A provision of Rs. 60 crores for the grant of Rs. 20,000 without any tool kit for 84000 beneficiaries under the scheme of human welfare.
- Storage capacity of cold storage increased from 23 lakh metric tons to 3 million metric tonne by 2022
- Provision of Rs 30 crore for establishment of a federation for primary and advance processing facility for vegetables and fruits under Operation Green Line
- Provision of Rs. 30 crores for Krishi Mahotsav
- 235 crores subsidy to buy 29 thousand farmers for the tractor
- Provision of Rs 85 crore for farm pond
- Zero percent will be financed by farmers
- Vegetables - efforts will be made to get the prices of fruits

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Gujarat Budget Highlights 2018-19:- Download Full PDF in Gujarati.

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