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14 May 2018

Giving The Primary Teachers The Pleasure, The Gujarat High Court Gave The News Of Happiness.

Giving The Primary Teachers The Pleasure, The Gujarat High Court Gave The News Of Happiness :- Giving the primary teachers the pleasure, the Gujarat High Court gave the news of happiness Message
The High Court has directed the government to pay higher pay scale to teachers who have retired after August 1994, and discriminated against government by paying higher pay scale among primary teachers. Teachers who retired after August 1994 filed a letter of patent in the High Court, which has been submitted that the government is being discriminated between teachers. The teachers who retired before August 1994 were given the second highest pay scale of 2000-3500, similarly the third highest pay scale was 2200 to 4000. The government paid the second higher salary to the teachers who had completed 18 years of employment, those who had completed 27 years were given the benefit of the third higher salary.
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      In the circular of the Government of Tamil Nadu.16-3-99, it is clearly stated that all teachers working as caretaker will have to pay higher salary of Rs.4000-6000 to Rs.5000-8000. It has been submitted in the petition that the education supervisor mentioned in the government circular has mentioned the teacher name, that means the teachers have got a promotion post. So the government can not discriminate before and after the year -1994.
Court observation
- The government has failed to prove how the cut-off date 1-8-1994 has been decided. Because the government has issued the circular on August 16. Therefore, teachers who have completed 20 years of employment at the retired age after August -1994 will have to pay higher pay scale.
- Third highest pay scale is payable for teachers who have retired after 31st August 31 years of age
- In 3 months, all the teachers attaining will have to pay their entitlement pay.

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