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29 June 2018

Bharuch Teacher's Exam Virodh Rajuaat Latter

Bharuch Teacher's Exam Virodh Rajuaat Latter :- Which accommodation is mandatory in housing? It is compulsory to make toilet and clean chairs in the accommodation. What kind of housing do you have to build? Beneficiaries who can build accommodation in the area's climate, geographical location and local people's interest. Whose work is to be done by housing? Accommodation is to be constructed by the beneficiary, in which contractual practice is closed. Whose accommodation is to be given in the name of? 
(Faltu Message Group Ma Karnar Vyaktione Remove Karva Ma Avshe).

       How much loan / subsidy is given to housing in this scheme? In this scheme Rs. In the maximum limit of 36,000 / In this scheme, 60% of the houses are allotted to the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes of the rural poorPlan Achievements From the beginning of the project, By 31/01/2016 13,08,920 Housing Buildings Construction of 1,97,614 housing in 2001 and 12,45,320 housing after 2001 Five-fold 
increase in housing production in the last 14 years. In the last 14 years, allocation of 7,44,498 houses in the name of women among the total sanctioned 12,45,320. Thus, more than 60%.
Bharuch Teacher's Exam Virodh Rajuaat Latter Click here for Rajuvat

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