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04 January 2019

Government Employees Can Get 101 Holidays In 2019, A Long Tour Planning Possible Read News Report

Government Employees Can Get 101 Holidays In 2019, A Long Tour Planning Possible Read News Report
Gujarati News Papers : Read All News At One Pla ublished business news and they were owned by Parsi people based in Bombay. Later Gujarati newspapers started published from other parts of Gujarat. Several periodicals devoted to social reforms were published in the second half of the 19th century. After arrival of Mahatma Gandhi, the Indian independence movement peaked and it resulted in proliferation of Gujarati media. Following independence, the media was chiefly focused on political news. After bifurcation of Bombay state, the area of service changed. Later there was an increase in readership due to growth of literacy and the media houses expanded its readership by publishing more number of editions. Later these media houses ventured into digital media also. The radio and television media expanded after 1990.
      Technological and social developments, often driven by government communication and espionage networks, have increased the speed with which news can spread, as well as influenced its content. The genre of news as we know it today is closely associated with the newspaper, which originated in China as a court bulletin and spread, with paper and 
In 2019, people with government jobs can take double fun because they can get 101 leave all year round. This year, the festival will be celebrated on Sundays, except for Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan, there will be a 5-6 holiday cut. The holidays throughout the year include 52 Sunday, 24th, and 4th Saturday, 19th festival, 3 local holidays and 3 optional holidays. While many national and religious festivals are on Sundays or other public holidays, the holiday decreases, but this Holidays increase due to the festival-day festival This time Ambedkar Jayanti, April 14, Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti on October 13, Diwali on October 27 and Eid on Sunday, November 10. Apart from this, on August 15, as well as the Rakshabandhan on the same day, one holiday has declined. If these conditions were changed, then leave figures could have been increased.
In March-October 10 will be available
2. This year, from 19 to 21 April and 10 to 12 August, there will be three consecutive leave. Similarly, if a local and two alternative leave is taken in August, then 9 consecutive days of continuous leave can be received from August 10 to 18. It is possible to plan touring nowhere with the family outside. There is a possibility of 10-10 holidays in March and October.
9 holidays in April and August
3. Apart from this, 6 holidays in July, 9-9 holidays in April and August. In June-September and December, with 8-8 holidays, there will be 7-7 holidays in January, February, May and November. However, holidays can be canceled due to the Lok Sabha election expansion between April and May.

source :- daily hunt
Government Employees Can Get 101 Holidays In 2019, A Long Tour Planning Possible Read News Report Read Below Given Link...

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