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16 January 2019

GSSSB Exam Mokuf Rakhva Babat Official Letter

GSSSB Exam Mokuf Rakhva Babat Official Letter.emobiledates for mobile trick educational news. The number has gone down because we have reduced many trades which were similar to each other. For example, people who move and sell bakery items, ice candy, ice cream, fruit juice etc, used to get cycles from the government at Garib Kalyan Mela. They were earlier treated as separate categories. Now, all these have been put in one category. Similarly, some trades have been struck off from the list because there are not many people who are practising it… For example, a few people now sell datan (toothbrushes made from twigs of babool or neem trees). Last year, we had only two to three datan sellers. Similarly, the trade of umbrella repairing is no more relevant since people don’t get their umbrellas repaired. They instead get a new one. So, we have removed such trades from the list,” said a senior government official of the Cottage & Rural Industries Department.

GSSSB Exam Mokuf Rakhva Babat Official Letter Read This Letter Below Given Link:-

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