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22 January 2019

Guajarat Na Loknrutyo And Melao Ni Tamam Mahiti

Guajarat Na Loknrutyo And Melao Ni Tamam Mahiti. Gujarat Na Loknrutyo And Melao Ni Vostrut Mahiti Aaptu PDF File Download Karo.Je Aavanar Tamam Compititive Exam Mate Jaruri Chhe. Note:-- Pos Na End Ma PDF File Aapvama Aavel Chhe Jema Gujarati Language Ma  Tamam Melao And Loknrutyo Ni Mahiti Aapvama Aavel Chhe.

Dandiya Raas:-
Dandiya Raas is a romantic, very energetic, colourful and playful dance originating in the state of Gujarat. Its roots lay from the days of Lord Krishna who played raas on the shores of Yamuna river on a moonlit night with his beloved Gopis. Men and women dressed in colorful clothes dance in two concentric circles - one moving clockwise, one moving counter-clockwise. Men and women carry two bamboo sticks called dandiyas in their hands. In addition to footwork, one of the most enjoyable part of this dance is the creative use of dandiyas. The song sung on the occasion is essentially an amorous one. Raas is a very playful dance providing opportunity for acting and exchanging messages through eye contact. It is no wonder that many romances bloom during Navratri and hence the popularity of the dance among the younger generation.

Garba is a very graceful form of dance mainly performed by females in a circular formation, it is in reverences of goddess Ambaji. The basics of the dance are singing and clapping rhythmically while going around the goddess. Today many modifications are prevalent to the basic pattern and even men are free to join in. Women are dressed in exquisitely embroidered, set in mirrors cholis, ghaghras and bandhani dupattas! Extensive jewelry in the form of necklaces, bracelets and anklets are also worn. The typical dress code of men is kehediyu, chudidar and a turban.

Originally men used to perform this dance. It was on the way back from a battle that the victorious army would start dancing to couplets and amorous songs sung by the Charanswar, or the narrators who used to go to the front to raise the spirit during the battle by singing songs of valour. The dance was characteristic for its forceful movements which would fascinate viewers. Today, however, even females participate in the dance.

It is performed by a rural community living around Nal Lake. In it, performers simulate the rhythmic movements of roving mariners and the undulating sea waves. The Bhil tribes, who live close to border tracts, and the Adivasis of Dangs district, have particularly lively folk dances. Stay Connected For Daily Updates About Education And Study Materials For All Compititive Exam. Download PDF Below Link File Here.
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