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31 January 2019

Gujarat Rozgaar Samachar E-Paper Date 30-01-2019

Gujarat Rozgaar Samachar E-Paper Date 30-01-2019 For Gov.Job News
Gujarat Government Information Department is publishing Gujarat Rozgaar Samchar E-paper on every Wednesday on Its official site. Gujarat Rozgaar Samchar E-paper is very useful for those candidates who are looking for government jobs.

About Department :
The Information Department plays a significant role in communicating pro-people schemes of the State Government to all the sections of the society. The department acts as a two-way communication bridge between the Government and people, as it effectively transmits information of Governmentswelfare schemes and programmes to people and acquaints thebeneficiaries about it, and at the same time communicates the common mans feedback to the Government.

Gujarat Rozgaar Samachar E-Paper Date 30-01-2019 For Gov.Job News
Since the day the state of Gujarat State was established (on 1st May, 1960),the Information Department has been performing its functions in a responsible and fruitful manner, thanks to the hard work and focused efforts of its employees.
This E-Paper provides latest Government Job News. Here is today's date 30-01-2019 issue in PDF. So download it and share information with your friends

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