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23 March 2019

GCERT New Paper Style For Primary School Exam 2019With Model Questions Paper

GCERT New Paper Style For Primary School Exam 2019 With Model Questions Paper
The Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT) is a focal institute at the state level for the promotion of qualitative education at primary and secondary schools.

It was "State Institute of Education" before 1988. It was later upgraded as a SCERT in 1988, under the resolution of State Education Department. The upgraded SCERT, now named as the Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT) is a fully structured state level academic institution and is controlled and guided by a governing body as well as a Executive Committee.

GCERT was shifted from Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar, the State Capital in 1997. State Education Department has given separate land for the GCERT for building in sector-12 So the GCER has been working in the newly constructed building "VIDYABHAVAN" in sector-12 with modern infrastructure and latest equipment since 21st August, 2004 in the view of the widening horizon.

Under the Umbrella of GCERT, there are now 27 DIETs (District Institute of Education and Training) functional in 33 Districts. These DIETs provide pre-service and in-service training. There are seven branches namely Pre-service Teacher Education (PSTE), Work Experience (WE), District Resource Unit (DRU), Curriculum Material Development & Evaluation (CMDE), Educational Technology (ET), In-Service Field interaction Innovation & Co -ordination (IFIC) and Planning & Management PM working in these DIETs. These DIETs are well equipped with qualified and experienced academic and administrative staff.

The GCERT works as a prominent institution for implementing the policies, programs and researchers in the State. It provides resource support and guidance to all the teacher education institutions and works in collaboration with the NGOs, subject experts, academicians and pioneers in bringing reforms in the remote and underserved areas of the state. It disseminates latest information with modern trends and approaches in primary education, pre-service and in-service education, pedagogical advances in the country, wide use of distance education as a mode of training, organizing community awareness programs and updation of curriculum of primary education in new and emerging concerns Even the State's Education banks on its expertise The Council is committed to bringing about qualitative improvement in school education specially elementary education, development of curriculum syllabus, instructional material and evaluation strategies to explore solutions. The GCERT has scaled a unique tour with experiments from chalk to satellite, scaling an arduous terrain in the field of educational reforms.

Objectives of the Organization
  • To bring about qualitative enhancement at all levels of education
  • To provide academic research expansion and training in the field of education.
  • To help / advise the Department of Education, Government of Gujarat to implement its primary education program.
  • To provide academic backup, Leadership, guidance and suggestion for the qualitative improvement of primary education through reorientation of educational content and practice.
  • To provide leadership, academic guidance, suggestions to institutions such as DIETs, CTEs, IASEs and GBTCs to achieve the goals of revamping primary education in Gujarat State.
  • To organize innovative programs for the propagation and dissemination for new trends and approaches related to education.
  • To Guide and Monitor the functioning of CTEs / IASEs and other organizations under the State Department of Education.
  • To provide academic support and guidance from educational institutions, CRCs and teachers
  • To publish Educational Literature
  • To organize creative programs like Science fairs, Balmela, Ramatotsav at grass-root level to promote the overall development of children.

The Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT) is a focal institute at the state level for the promotion of qualitative education at primary and secondary schools.

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