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22 August 2019

Avak And Rahethan No Dakhlo Gram Panchayat Mathi Apva Babat GR (Paripatra)

Avak And Rahethan No Dakhlo  Gram Panchayat Mathi Apva Babat GR (Paripatra)
Income Certificate & Temporary Resident Certificate Can now be Obtained from Gram Panchayat.This Service is available in Gujarati Only. You will be required to click on "Apply Online” button for filing the form online or "Download Form" button for Income Certificate.

Unreserved Caste Certificate(Panchayat-WithOut Income). Unreserved Caste For Candidates who are finally selected in All India Civil Services.

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Get Income Certificate Online
What is the procedure to obtain the Income Certificate? · Religion, caste and sub-caste. Whether SC / ST / OBC and details therein. Parent income certificate, Income tax return, Form 16 by employer, Salary certificate, etc as proof of income (May require attestation by Gazetted Government Officers)

The residence/domicile certificate is to be issued by the concerned authority of .... What are the points/facts/factors taken into account by the competent.

Aavak no Dakhlo hve Grampanchayat manthi melvi shakashe ane Ashtayi Rahethan Pramanpatra Pan malse.Avak no Dakhlo melvva mate hve Taluka sudhi jvu nahi pade. Gram Panchayat na E gram parthi 20 Rs. aapine dakhlo lai shakashe. Avak na dakhla mate pahela Talati cum mantri Avak ni kharai kari aapshe . tyar bad dakhlo kadhi shakashe.

These eGram Centers are established in Gram Panchayat level and Birth & Death Certificate; Caste & Income Certificate VCEs can now Rolls out of Learning Licensee Registration.

Avak And Rahethan No Dakhlo  Gram Panchayat Mathi Apva Babat GR (Paripatra).Read Important Circular.Download Circular from below link. Its Important for Income certificate.
Download Paripatra Click Here

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