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10 September 2019

Director Of Energy Conservation Shri No Latest Circular Date 7/9/2019

Director Of Energy Conservation Shri No Latest Circular Date 7/9/2019
SIPs are a method of investing in mutual funds. You invest a certain pre-determined amount at a regular interval in the mutual fund. This might be once each week, once each month or once in a quarter. If you have given ECS mandate, money will be automatically debited from your bank account and invested in the mutual fund scheme of your choice. Units of the mutual fund scheme are allocated based on the NAV (Net Asset Value) of the scheme for that day.

How are SIPs related to mutual funds?
C.S. Sudheer, founder,, said mutual funds are a professionally managed trusts, where money invested by you and other investors are pooled and invested in stocks, debt or a mix of stocks and debt, depending on the type of mutual fund. SIPs are just a method of investing in mutual funds and to understand better, one should know these difference between mutual fund and SIPs. It is a smart and hassle-free method of investing in mutual funds. Through SIP you can invest a certain, fixed, pre-determined amount at regular intervals of time like once a week, month or quarter. Doing so, SIPs give you the twin major benefits of rupee cost averaging and the compounding benefit.

Imagine developed nation ,be enrgey seving human : Viksit rastra ki kro kalpna
Bijli bachanevale log hai banana
Practice Energy Conservation for the future generation : Urja Dakshta ka prachlan bhavi pedhi ka hoga Uchit chalan
Let us rise and have passion ,save energy for self and nation
- Aao utho Aur farj nibhae, Desh ke liye urja bachaye
Category wise shala kaksha e chitra spardha nu aayojan krvu

Time 2 hours
Pratham 2 chitra pasand karva
Rajya kaksha e aavnar vidhyarthi ane vali aavva javanu bhadu aapshe
Rajya kashae:
Pratham inam : 50,000 rupiya
Second inam : 30,000 tuluyan
Third inam : 20,000 rupiya

Santvna inam etle k protsahk inam
Pratham 10 vidhyarthio ne 7,500
National levale inam mahiti
Category A Dhoran 4,5,6 pratham inam
1,00,000 lakh rupiya + laptop and 1 lakh ni fix Dipozit

Second inam
50,000 rupiya + laptop+ 50,000 rupiya Dipozit

Third inam 30,000 Rupiya+ laptop+ 30,000 Rupiya ni Dipozit
Category A mujab category b ne pan 1 thi 3 number melvnar ne inam malshe
Protsahak inam 15,000 Rupiya A category
Inam ni Sankhya 8
B category : protsahsk inam 15,000 rupiya
Inam ni Sankhya 3

Director of Energy Conservation Shri No Latest Circular dated 7/9/2019
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