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07 September 2019

Gyankunj Project Guidelines And Final List 2019

Gyankunj Project Guidelines And Final List 2019
Teachers are invited to register their requests to get Gyankunj project in their schools - For registration under Gyankunj Project 2018-19, please click here

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Gyankunj Mate School List 2019
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Gyankunj Project Guidelines And Final List 2019.The initiative of "Gyankunj" project has been launched by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Gujarat on 5th September, 2017 - Teacher's Day to Gyankunj is a school digitization program to enhance classroom interactivity and teaching-learning process with the help of technology tools, like Projector
Gandhinagar: Chief Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani launched state-wide ‘Gyankunj Project’ on Teachers’ Day, today. ... He said that the ‘Gyankunj Project’ prepared at the total expenditures of Rs. 35.85-crore is going to be implemented in 3173 class rooms of standard 7th and 8th of ...
Gyankunj School, often said as Gyankunja or Gyankunj Education Foundation, is located at Rabhibhawan, Nepal. Classes run from Kindergarten to Higher Gyankunj Project
Making steps towards digital revolution in the schools of Gujarat, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani launched state-wide ‘Gyankunj Project’ on Teachers’ Day, today.

Gyankunj Project Guidelines And Final List 2019.Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister said that the state government has made all the schemes, which were announced by it in its budget declared in February early this year, functional by the September-2017.The team of experts during the early months of 2046 had a talk to promote and develop the condition of education in Nepal. The school started in 2046 with the students around 70 in number. As the time passed by, the school too got developed to form larger and greater. With the provision of quality of education, the students, from local to regional, were lured with the commitments Gyankunj ensured. Every-year the school produces the finest students who, in their career, gets placement in different colleges and places.

Gyankunj Project Guidelines And Final List 2019.The Examination Board of Nepal, SLC, conducts SLC examination every-year and in this recent years, the Gyankunjians have produced the finest result which, indeed, is much helpful for the students to deserve scholarship in the Higher-secondary Level. The examination results are getting better as years are passing by. The Gyankunjians have got an excellent results in the last few years and especially for their results in the SLC exams. In the last year's result of SLC of 2015, 10 students successfully scored 100 in maths from the Khatmandu valley and there were 6 gyankunjians to score 100.

Gyankunj School List
The education of Gyankunj minutely focuses on development of creativity within students. The subjects are offered according to the HSEB board's curriculum for 10+2(i.e. intermediate level studies standardized by HSEB Board). Students and Gyankunj are affiliated to Tribhuwan University. Students are offered courses up to Masters Level

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Gyankunj Mate School List 2019
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Final List : Click here

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