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07 September 2019

Teacher I Card Issue Karva Babat Latest Paripatra

Teacher I Card Issue Karva Babat Latest Paripatra
DSP US Flexible Equity Fund has been around for more than 6 years as part of the international fund segment and was launched in August 2012. The 1-year return of the scheme is not that attractive but over the longer term, the 3 year and 5 year returns of the scheme have been recorded at 13.25% and 10.71% respectively.

Following a fund-of-fund investment strategy, this international fund has invested 96.33% of its assets (as on September 04, 2019) in BlackRock Global Funds – US Flexible Equity Fund (domiciled in Luxembourg). The BGF US Flexible Equity Fund has also invested its assets in the stocks of US-based large cap companies which makes it a relatively safer equity investment option.You need to present one of the following as PROOF of your full-time teacher status:
Photocopy of your faculty ID showing validity for the academic year.A letter on school stationery from department chair or school principal verifying current full-time faculty status.

Teacher I Card Issue Karva Babat Latest Paripatra
A letter on official school or university stationery confirming that you are employed at a recognised educational establishment for a minimum of 18 hours per week and for a minimum of one academic year.

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